Currently, I have two major projects:

THE HOLLOW FOREST (YA contemporary fantasy, accepted for Pitchwars 2018)

Ten years ago, Sarah lost her mother to suicide on Halloween. After her father sealed the tragedy behind a locked door, sixteen year-old Sarah no longer considers her father’s house her home. She seeks refuge in the ancient forests of Silver Hollow, the place her mother loved most. She has no idea those woods drove her mother to her death.

When a chill October wind lures Sarah into the forest, she discovers a labyrinth of glimmering glass trees—and a spectral woman haunting the forest’s depths. She resembles her mother so closely Sarah’s sure she’s losing her mind until an enchanting Nunnehi named Tsula emerges to
warn her. On Halloween, the Wild Hunt will ride, and both Sarah and her mother’s ghost are their prey.

But as Halloween approaches, Sarah’s longing for Tsula and the call of the forest become impossible to ignore. The barrier between the worlds of the living and the dead is growing thin, and Sarah is running out of time. She’s determined not to lose her mother again, but the days are growing darker, and the wind is rising. The Hunt will ride, and when they do, any mortal
wearing Death’s mark has more than just their life to lose.

Status: tentatively shelved for revising.

A MURDER OF ANGELS (YA contemporary fantasy)

For seventeen year-old Alex, running comes as naturally as breathing. Born into the Watchers, fugitives struggling to survive the extermination campaign waged by their Hunter siblings, she has no hope of a normal life. Marked a prized target, she’s forced to live in isolation, far from her foster family and best friend, Eidean. But just as she decides to give herself up, a chance meeting in a graveyard changes everything.

Though human contact is forbidden to Watchers, kind, funny trans boy Connor revives a spark of hope in Alex. His friendship reminds her what she’s fighting for, just in time for Eidean to return with bad news. The Hunters have found her, along with every Watcher safe house. Before Alex can react to the news, Tristan, the vicious and manipulative leader of the Hunters, steals Connor away.

Done with Tristan’s machinations, Alex grinds her fledgling hope under her heel and embarks on a suicide mission. What the psychotic Hunter really wants is her–his lost sister–and he will kill anyone who gets in his way.

But Eidean would rather face a thousand Hunters than lose the girl he loves.

And the angel lurking beneath Alex’s skin will burn up her soul before allowing Tristan to win his unholy war.

Status: available upon request, 110,000 words.

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