A MURDER OF ANGELS (YA contemporary fantasy)

A fugitive since the night Hunters butchered her mother, seventeen year-old Alex has no delusions of happiness. She lives a half-life of isolation and terror, far from everyone she loves. It’s only a matter of time before she gets caught, and Alex is tired of waiting. While her gunslinging best friend Eidean is distracted, she decides to give herself up. But a chance meeting with a boy like living sunlight changes her mind.

Kind, funny trans boy Connor is like no one Alex has ever met. His friendship rekindles her will to live and reminds her what she’s fighting for, just in time for Eidean to return with terrible news. The Hunters have found the safe houses, and their vicious leader, Tristan, is coming for her. Or so she thinks, until he takes Connor as bait instead.

Done with Tristan’s machinations, Alex grinds hope beneath her heel and embarks on a suicide mission. Tristan is after her—his lost sister—and he’ll destroy anyone in his way. Unfortunately, there’s a catch. A vengeful angel lurks in Alex, bound to her the night Alex’s mother died. The angel has already failed to kill the undying beast in Tristan once. She must not fail again.

But Eidean would rather face a thousand Hunters than lose the girl he loves.

And if Alex refuses to ally with the angel, she stands no chance of saving Connor from Tristan’s claws.

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