And it’s done.

I've polished IN THE HEART OF THE HOLLOW FOREST, and it's ready for readers. This thing that took its first form in 2011 (maybe even earlier!) is complete. I can FINALLY get this thing out there. Awesome. So what's next? Contemporary, fantasy, science fiction...? My two loves are horror and fantasy, but they usually stay close to... Continue Reading →

Writing Process Blog Hop

Hello, folks! I've been tagged by the stupendously awesome Katie Bucklein for the #mywritingprocess blog hop. Katie is, quite simply put, a badass. Her writing is smooth as butter, her stories are beyond epic, and her grasp of YA fantasy is stellar. If your interest has been piqued, you can also find her on Twitter. Now, for the... Continue Reading →

Rich storytelling (or why I’ve missed the old Final Fantasy)

Okay. This is an argument you hear from a lot of people. It's been harped on enough that I'm fairly sure it's a dead horse, so there's no point in beating it any further. But. There are many, many things that shaped me as a writer. I love books, but there are so many ways... Continue Reading →

Post It Note Plotting

Going on another detour! This time, however, it's instructional. I've been asked a few times how I do plot walls. For those not in on this method, it's pretty simple. I learned about it from Jackson Pearce at a class she taught last year, and honestly, it's probably the best tool I have for structuring... Continue Reading →

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