in search of someone else


she was the smallest spark.
a fading star,
a wisp of smoke,
a gasp,
a plume of breath
on an icy winter night.

she always liked it austere.
no ornamentation, no comfort
bare bones and brittle
waiting for a spring
that might never come.

in her deep dark forest
and its endless black trees
the only thing holding her there
jaws and teeth warm against a frozen neck.

desert girl, winter girl
frozen girl, bloodless girl.
on dark nights
her eyes are always darker,
endless as the void inside her heart.


he was
burning, trailing flame like
icarus melting in the sun.
a daedelus in his blood, far, far below,
screaming for someone
to save him, to
catch him in their infinite arms.

he never could find anywhere comfortable–
restless and uncertain,
no longer able to tolerate the pain
that wide, white void
a searing light
that would finally burn him to nothing,
would finally take him home.

in that endless, hungry sky
in its brutal nothingness
only falling, never catching,

his hands slipping forever,
safety always missed.


that night, sunlight crashed into a deep, dark forest.
trailing fire,
melting ice,
searing anything too close to ash.
and the falling boy,
the burning boy,
stumbling with the wings melting agony down his back–

he trailed wax and blood through that dark, dark labyrinth,
trailing a cloud of sparks
in a place that had forgotten light.
its shadows shied away, its monsters fled,
too terrified to show their faces,
too curious to let the light go out.

so they whispered and he wandered,
counting all the stars in the dark.
North Star, blue and beautiful,
antithesis of all the colors he bled.

and when he found the dark girl,
the winter girl,
that strange, subtle creature with endless night in her eyes
he swept the shadows from her bloodless face
and revealed the smallest, most vulnerable moon:
translucent skin, pale blue to his flush pink,
blue eyes the color of twilight reflecting light back at her.

he was softened,

she was illuminated.


The deep, dark forest is burning down,
Brutal summer skies snuffed and seared by threads of dark.
She runs now, runs faster
leaping out of the labyrinth ,
free and graceful as a doe.

and he follows, fleeing at the same pace,
fighting to get free.
all those pinprick stars burning
as the sky bleeds its thousand colors
wind singing, howling as those clashing voids come to claim them both.

Even this collision couldn’t tear them apart.
One explosion, blowing back again,
a cell dividing, a star exploding,
Tessellating, fracturing,
defining all the cracks in the universe.

we will find each other again,”
the call of every star in the void.

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