And it’s done.

I’ve polished IN THE HEART OF THE HOLLOW FOREST, and it’s ready for readers. This thing that took its first form in 2011 (maybe even earlier!) is complete. I can FINALLY get this thing out there. Awesome.

Awesome work by Alex Ruiz

So what’s next? Contemporary, fantasy, science fiction…? My two loves are horror and fantasy, but they usually stay close to the real world. The idea I’ve been bouncing around lately…very much doesn’t. There are mecha, irradiated megafauna (we’re talking Pleistocene-sized megafauna), people who survived in massive underground bunkers, and posthumans forced to survive up top. My brain is pulling apart tons of memories from an awesome class on nuclear politics I took as an undergrad, and everything I love about deep time. Also, MECHS. MECHS MECHS MECHS.

(You guys have no idea how much I love mecha, but eventually you will.)

I’m still worldbuilding and characters are slowly taking shape. I think there’s a red sky from a not-quite-recovered atmosphere, and while plant life has made a comeback, it in no way resembles the plant life of the world as it was before. The setting is grim, but the characters…I think the characters may actually be a little more light-hearted this time around. The protagonist might even be cheerful!

But I don’t know yet. We’ll see. I’ll post back here when I have more to tell. I’m hoping for a tiny synopsis soon.

Happy Fat Tuesday to those of you celebrating!

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